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304 / 304L stainless is easy to machine stamp and can be welded. It provides high strength and toughness, offers high corrosion resistance and a smooth surface and is easy to clean and is sanitary.  It is an economic, high performing material for sanitary environments.


304 / 304L in its various forms are used for:

Structural supports, braces, framework, equipment and machinery
Supports for housings, enclosures and cabinets
Engines and motor components
Components for food processing equipment and medical devices

Stamped machined parts and components for  for the food industry, medical devices, chemicals, marine and power transmission industries.

Property Analysts:


Carbon, 0.03 %

Manganese, 2.00 %

Phosphorus, 0.045 %

Sulphur, 0.03 %

Chromium, 17.5 %

Nickel, 8.0 %


Tensile Strength ksi 81

Yield 2% Offset ksi 37

Elongation in 2” (50.80mm)


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